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Dean and Don

Hi! Dean Opperman here with a word about THE BEST OF DEAN AND DON. People ask me what Iíve been doing lately and I tell them iíve been listening to hundreds of Dean and Don radio shows and editing them down to one-hour albums for all our old fans. And here they are, ready for your approval. Check out Volume 1 for only $2. Why so cheap? Because I believe youíll like it so much youíll want the other albums for a slightly higher price. Yes, they go for 3.99 but think of it this way. Where else can you get five hours of non-stop laughs for less than the cost of a haircut?

History of Dean and Don

For almost 20 years, Dean Opperman and Don Fischer brought their unique brand of humor to the west coast's best radio markets. Market leaders wherever they hit the mikes, they are perhaps best remembered for their entirely unpredictable "Breakfast Club" on Fresno's KKDJ. In 1982, they created a spin-off, "The Lunch Bunch." Originating from the mythical Chat And Chew Restaurant on Highway 99, it was the last daily produced soap opera on American radio, garnering the highest Arbitron ratings in the United States. Opperman and Fischer were joined at various times by Don DeWolf, Bryan Jones, David Hefferman, John Strickland, Gunnar Jensen, and Rachel Donahue. Their shows were heard in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Fresno, and San Francisco throughout the 80's and early 90's. They ended their partnership with the demise of KKDJ in June, 1994. Fischer is still on the air at KFSR in Fresno, while Opperman is a comedy writer in Las Vegas.

Main Influences on Dean and Don

Franklin Ajaye, Fred Allen, Steve Allen, Woody Allen, Maria Bamford, Louis Black, Bob and Ray, Albert Brooks, Lenny Bruce, Jim Carrey, Rodney Dangerfield, George Carlin, Credibility Gap, Jimmy Fallon, Cris Farley, Firesign Theater, Stan Freburg, Jim Gaffigan, Christopher Guest, Kevin Hart, Phil Hartman, Buck Henry, Bill Hicks, Richard Jeni, Laurel and Hardy, David Letterman, Eugene Levy, Nichols and May, Martin Mull, Patrice O'Neal, Richard Pryor, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Chris Rock, Mort Saul, Gary Shandling, Martin Short, Sarah Silverman, Stevens and Gridnic, Wanda Sykes, James Thurber, Lily Tomlin, Jonathan Winters, Steven Wright

Albums by Dean and Don

Dean & Don #4 (KKDJ 93-94)
Dean & Don #4 (KKDJ 93-94) (2012)
Tracks: 4
Length: 59:41
Price: $3.99
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Dean & Don #2 (KCLQ 86-87)
Dean & Don #2 (KCLQ 86-87) (2012)
Tracks: 4
Length: 1:09:46
Price: $3.99
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Dean & Don #5 (KKDJ 81-84)
Dean & Don #5 (KKDJ 81-84) (2012)
Tracks: 14
Length: 1:11:25
Price: $3.99
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Dean & Don #3  (KFYE 88-89)
Dean & Don #3 (KFYE 88-89) (2012)
Tracks: 4
Length: 1:01:34
Price: $3.99
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Dean & Don #1 (KKDJ 91-93)
Dean & Don #1 (KKDJ 91-93) (2012)
Tracks: 4
Length: 59:59
Price: $2.00
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Image Gallery

Image 1 for Dean and Don
Just one of the crates full of D&D tapes.
Image 3 for Dean and Don
Chub Feely (New York - 1987)
Dean and Don on a milk carton.  No we aren't missing, radio is.
Bobby Volare (Las Vegas - 1987)
Bobby Volare and Howard Softcell, CSUF Vintage Days 1982.

The late, great KKDJ sticker.  LONG MAY IT WAVE
The Dean and Don DeWolf Breakfast Club poster of 1982.
KKDJ 1985
Bobby Volare - 1980
Don Fischer, Gunnar Jensen, Dean Opperman
KFYE 1990

Bobby Volare introduces Elvis to Nixon (1970)
Rick Williams, Jeff Riedel, Don Fischer, Dean Opperman (KKDJ - 1981)
Bobby Volare (Santa Barbara - 2005)
Dean and Don (Apple Eddie's 1980)
McRod The Poet (New York - 1987)
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