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DJ Aeke

DJ Aeke releases electronic music that ranges from Dance to Drum 'n Bass to Downtempo to Dubstep. His first official album "Broken Glass" comes out April 30th!


History of DJ Aeke

DJ Aeke is the stage name of Jake Brooks, an electronic music artist from Lincoln, Illinois. He began playing piano in early 2008 when he got a set of piano lesson books for his thirteenth birthday. He picked up piano quickly, and eventually moved to learn drums and guitar. Influenced by Aphex Twin, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Massive Attack, and The Glitch Mob, he began music production in 2010, making simple songs with LMMS, using simple waveshapes and basic drum patterns on no more than three or four tracks. After many months of developing his musical abilities using LMMS, he moved on to REAPER and began to use VSTs. He quickly learned about music production and began doing full production of his own tracks. He dedicated himself to making music in January 2011, and started producing tracks nonstop, and hasn't looked back.

Main Influences on DJ Aeke

Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Squarepusher, the Glitch Mob

Albums by DJ Aeke

Irrational Calx Poet
Irrational Calx Poet (2011)
Tracks: 10
Length: 43:02
Price: $6.99
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Singles by DJ Aeke

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